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Hunter Catching a Gator

Family-Friendly Gator Hunting Adventures

Young man on a boat alligator hunting

 Our Story

Experience the thrill of the wild in Southwest Florida with family-friendly adventures.

Enjoy safe and exciting gator and hog hunting, master bow fishing, and take exhilarating airboat rides, all guided by licensed and insured professionals. Our guides are USCG licensed.


Our Adventure Selection


Build a Stronger Team with Thrilling Adventures!

What could be better than gliding across South Florida on an airboat for a team-building adventure? We offer a unique opportunity to unite your coworkers or reward your top team.


Unwind with us as we navigate both public and private lakes, hunting gators and fishing all year round.

We offer special packages for corporate groups. Call us today to book an exciting getaway in the heart of Florida!

Corporate Deals
3 days and 3 nights of lodging, gator hunting, bowfishing (all meals and licenses included)
Prices starting at $2,000 per person (3 people minimum)


Arcadia Florida - Diverse Hunting and Fishing Opportunities

Gator Hunting: Gator hunting is an exciting experience that often takes place at night, adding an extra layer of excitement and mystery. Hunters use various methods such as bowhunting, harpooning, or using a bang stick. It's a regulated activity, with specific seasons and licenses required, ensuring a sustainable and ethical approach. The experience of quietly navigating the waters, waiting for the perfect moment to strike, is both tense and exhilarating. The hunt not only tests patience and precision but also offers a glimpse into the primitive, unchanged world of these ancient reptiles.

Hog Hunting: Hog hunting is popular due to the significant wild hog population in Florida. These hunts can take place in various environments, from dense forests to open fields, and can be conducted using different methods, including buggy, dogs, or spot-and-stalk techniques. Wild hogs are known for their resilience and unpredictability, making the hunt challenging yet rewarding. It's also a way to contribute to controlling the invasive hog population, which can be destructive to local ecosystems and agriculture.

Bowfishing: Bowfishing in Charlotte County leverages the area's rich freshwater bodies and coastal regions. It combines archery and fishing in freshwater trips or saltwater trips. Typically conducted from a flat-bottom boat equipped with special lights for night fishing, bowfishing requires precision, quick reflexes, and patience. It offers a satisfying and environmentally beneficial outdoor activity, often targeting overpopulated or invasive fish species. Bowfishing gear is supplied.

Overall, Arcadia, Florida, provides a diverse set of hunting and fishing experiences, set against the backdrop of the state's beautiful natural landscapes. Whether you're silently stalking gators in the moonlight, tracking hogs through the underbrush, or silently gliding through the waters bowfishing, each activity offers a unique way to connect with nature, challenge your skills, and enjoy the great outdoors.

man and woman showing off their gator
Man with his trophy gator
outdoor with Captin Dave


“It wasn’t a break from our vacation. That was the best part of our vacation. Thank you Captain Dave for a great time!”


– Andrew P.

Welcome to Gator Raiderz

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